Blunderbuss Jones

Musician, fire & circus performer, steam punk engineer.


Flaming Blunderbuss at Queen Victoria Night Market. Photo: Rob Leeson, Herald-Sun

Blunderbuss Jones is a musician, circus performer, flame effects artist, engineer and STEM motivator, combining skills to create a totally unique roving or stage experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen. His flaming trumpet invention is next level, first. STEAM punk! Details below.

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Warming the crowd at the Lilydale Food Truck Festival

Entertaining the kids at the Big Fish Little Fish family rave

Drawing inspiration from New Orleans style marching bands, hip-hop, circus clowning and manipulation arts, Blunderbuss Jones creates immersive and entertaining interactions, seemingly out of thin air and wherever he rolls. It might be a unicycle ride-by and wave, a personalised performance in passing, or an epic solo stage show with his original and fun dance music; the experience will leave you with a lasting impression.

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S.T.E.A.M punk

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics – all rolled up into one amazing, educational performance! Blunderbuss Jones is available for school incursions anywhere in Australia (or the world for that matter). Educating and inspiring students to pursue the STEM pathways, with a fiery musical performance, presentation and discussion about Blunderbuss Jones’ life experiences that led him through electronic and software engineering, overseas travels, life in California, and into the festival and arts scene.

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Performing solo or with the Blunderbuss band at many festivals and events including Queen Victoria Night Markets, Winter Solstice (CERES), The Food Truck Festival, Melbourne Street Eatz, Sea Shepherd Melbourne Fundraiser, Rainbow Serpent, Dragon Dreaming, Psyfari, Tanglewood, Coco Poco Loco, The Village, Pirainia, Captain Palette, 24 Moons nightclub, Beltane, EarthArtBeat, Earthcore, Burning Man (USA), Burning Seed (Aus), Baw Baw Developments display home village open day and more.

The Flaming Blunderbuss is a propane fuelled flame effect trumpet, safe to use indoors.

Safety first: Note that all flaming trumpet performances are covered by a public liability insurance policy.

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The Flaming Blunderbuss has warmed the hearts and blown the minds of children and adults at many events since it’s creation in 2016.

Flaming trumpet dance during a performance at the Lilydale Food Truck Festival

The following video is the latest collaborative effort between Blunderbuss Jones, Miss Gemma Trick and Clear Reel productions, featuring a track from Yesterday’s Cub.

FIRE & BRASS from Clear Reel on Vimeo.

The flaming trumpet was designed and built by Blunderbuss Jones with financial assistance from Burning Seed Artery 2016 and technical assistance from instrument repairers Legato Australia.


Inside the Pirates Tavern at Sea Shepherd’s fundraiser

Flaming trumpet on a unicycle!

Blunderbuss Jones lights up the busking stage at Lilydale Food Truck Festival


Inside the Deadwood Saloon at Side Burn 2016


Hallowine at Mitchelton Winery

Flaming Blunderbuss at Pirainia

Inside 24 Moons at Pirainia’s Space Burn fundraiser party.

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