Neoteric, real and synthetic with words that stir and a hot brass garnish. Blunderbuss Jones carves out beats and breaks and pops and drops, wielding his trumpet like a weapon. With sultry tones and saxophones, Dandelion Jackson makes a scene. Mr Manifold brings mad skillz on the decks.

Beats, brass and basslines.
Lyrical weapons.
Fire at will. Game On!

The all new 3-piece Blunderbuss lineup has already ignited stages at Open Studio, Castlemaine Theatre Royal, Dragon Dreaming and Rainbow Serpent Festival since Mr Manifold joined the crew in 2016.


DJ Blunderbuss Jones

Blunderbuss Jones pulls all kinds of tricks from his mixed bag of beats. Ghetto funk breaks, drum ‘n’ bass, hip-hop, electro, and lashings of trumpet to liven up the DJ set.

Blunderbuss has spread his ‘eclectro’ onto stages as far and wide as Burning Man (USA), Shoreditch Book Club (London), Secret Garden Party and Boomtown Fair (UK) and at home in Australia at Rainbow Serpent Festival, Burning Seed, The Town, Psyfari, Fractangular Gathering, Steamphunk, Electro Swing Club Melbourne and many other parties, as well as being a long time participant in theme camps Coco Poco Loco, Kamp Kraken and Bean Bag Babylon.



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